Jonathan Asbusy


Jonathan Asbusy has been leading the organization with his expertise in the area of agile methodologies and cloud lead architecture

Bharat Chopra

Chief Executive Officer

With nearly 16 years of tech experience and knowledge in the field of AI algorithms, Bharat took the company forward by opening multiple branches within the country.

Manish Wali

Vice President Sales

Business Operations Strategist offering 17 years of global exposure with diverse roles distinguished by commended performance across Hi-tech, Saas & IP Domain.

A dynamic and client-centric technology company with global perspectives and ambitions.

The success of a true organization lies not just within the hands of the workers but also includes the leaders. SPS has always been lucky with the presence of talented leaders who have always acted as the guiding light for the entire team. 

Our team also holds other well-experienced persons who have played an important role in our success stories. Our directors, executive, and other employees have always supported us in our success.