Tech Training Services

An exclusive training program with a decent salary.

We at SPS technology offer an advanced NCG program which includes online classes, exclusive training materials, hand-on experience combined with interactive labs and working experience. Each member or student of the training program is offered a decent yearly salary ranging from 3.6 lakhs to higher values. Our courses are available for free and each member is offered with a 100 hour class schedule. Our training program insists on compulsory presence of students and they must not leave before the completion. The course structure includes learning of multiple software programs like Java and exclusive personality development classes.

The features offered by us are:

● Determined schedule and structure combined with valuable concepts like angular JS, Dev ops and Java.
● We offer exclusive classes suitable to meet your management requirement.
● Expert professionals from the field offer training sessions for your personal and personality development.

Why Us?

We at SPS offer exclusive features in our training course that makes it suitable for your development.

No cost – Our training program is free. The complete 100 hour training program filled with technical and personality development classes are available for free with a condition to complete the training.

Expert – The training sessions are conducted by expert members in the field. We aim to create exclusive professionals suitable for your companies all around the world. The technical aspects of the training program are handled by people who are well experienced and it’s based on more towards actual projects in companies.

Penalty – We offer an exclusive penalty for our students who wish to leave the program at any time. As a team we expect the students to be serious about the program and provide complete participation.

Each member or student of the training session is selected through an exclusive screening process to ensure their interest in the program. Our focus is placed upon developing the future of the organization and market by releasing talents that are worth the training sessions and budget invested by us.

At SPS, we utilize our expert security professionals to offer advanced security solutions that address the key challenges faced by the business today. Along with security, we aim to offer agility and flexibility under a decent budget through advanced security and compliance programs. We understand your requirements and ensure a holistic risk driven approach for access governance and data protection.