Microsoft Tech

Advanced solutions to simplify your operations and to see, customize your needs.

SPS has been a proud Microsoft solution and development partner for many years. We offer advanced Microsoft Consulting and implementation services for our customers. Our expertise focuses on offering a dedicated center of excellence for SharePoint and office 365. Our experts offer cost-effective and intelligent solutions for advanced knowledge management and collaboration of both internal and external businesses regardless of their size.

Design strategy

Our experts plan, design and implement the architecture of the Microsoft plan within your business to implement future ease of work and data migration. We follow stringent development practices that eliminate the complexity of the systems used by the employees. Each business is important to us and we manage it efficiently through automated solutions and integration. We also link your system solutions with outsourcing liaisons for effective management.

At SPS, we utilize our expert security professionals to offer advanced security solutions that address the key challenges faced by the business today. Along with security, we aim to offer agility and flexibility under a decent budget through advanced security and compliance programs. We understand your requirements and ensure a holistic risk driven approach for access governance and data protection.


We are at SPS offers secure and high-performance applications for clients depending upon the structure of their business. Some of our features have been listed below.


  • We offer custom applications and product development on the SharePoint platform to meet up customer needs and business development.
  • We develop and implement out-of-the-box ideas for situations with or without cause.
  • Expert analysis on the structure of the business to provide a customized dashboard and solution.
  • We compete to customize solutions on a client basis without any manual interference


  • Integrated solutions Azure and .net software to provide a rich platform.
  • Advanced deployment of SaaS and IT applications.
  • Provide rich web-enabled applications for the internet customer experience.
  • Offer services that cover multiple areas of expertise including architecture, technology, designing, business intelligence, framework, database, and platform tool.
  • Our services also include integration of SharePoint technology with SAP, CRM, Oracle, and other ERPS systems Perform migration from single-user mode to multi-user security model for future implementation.


  • We at SPS technology offer simple and latest low code applications using Microsoft powerapps.
  • With these apps we offer the customers a chance to build professional grade apps.
  • The applications require minimal codes and they can solve hard challenges.
  • A chance for the customers to build applications with less or no compromises.
  • We enable the chances for extensibility to the customers.