Relevance Of Sharepoint In Today’s World

Are you an entrepreneur in search of a robust enterprise content management system and wondering over the usefulness of ‘Microsoft Sharepoint’? If you are reading this, there is also a chance that you are already using the on-premise version of the software and want to explore the best that the SharePoint cloud version can offer to your business.

SharePoint finds relevance from basic to the most complex business environments and is just the right tool helping you collaborate across and outside your organization, while simplifying your daily activities by managing the entire platform through a centralized administration. Infact, the reason why SharePoint has become an all-time favorite is because of the amazing cost cutting benefits offered by its site consolidation features.


SharePoint is a powerful enterprise content management tool with useful features which will allow you to

  • manage content,
  • manage host files,
  • integrate third-party apps,
  • manage reports that are important for the business process, and
  • communicate and collaborate within and outside of your organization.

SharePoint was introduced in 2001 by Microsoft and since then it has never ceased to get popular. As per the latest estimation about190 million professionals in 200,000 businesses across the globe are currently using it.

To ensure that your business should operate securely and efficiently, Microsoft has launched the latest version SharePoint 2019, a follow up version of SharePoint 2016. It upgrades the existing features of the 2016 and offers many innovative new features. Thus, SharePoint 2019 assures seamless and effortless user experience.


While promising to deliver the most sought-after features required by the modern businesses, SharePoint has established itself as a formidable enterprise content management tool with reliability as its core strength.

It offers a centralized platform to manage your network on cloud : Businesses today work on a global scale with a globally scattered workforce ,making it challenging for organizations to share, track and organize content. Unorganized or outdated data has no room in a progressive workplace. SharePoint offers a centralized platform to streamline and organize the documents globally. Since it can be integrated with Microsoft Office which is another popular tool used worldwide, you will have a better streamlined user experience.


Commitment to the on-premise users:

Cloud adoption is growing fast, with close to 80% oragnizations having a multi Cloud strategy in place. However, companies that have made sizeable investments in on-premise infrastructure or licensing prefer staying on premise or use a hybrid cloud adoption strategy to bridge the gap. As per the latest survey by Uptime Institute, 65 percent of organization’s workloads are still running in on- premises data centres.

SharePoint 2019 is all set to help organize and manage content for these company owned data centres.


The new version of SharePoint aims at giving you a memorable experience while working on the productivity tasks. Therefore, it has been improved to be optimized to work across multiple screens like tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. It also helps the users spend less time on configuration setting and content searching.

Being a Microsoft’s product, it offers cutting edge of what is required for business to grow smoothly.

SharePoint 2019 has been launched with the exciting new features to give an excellent experience to cloud and on-premise users in hybrid environment. Here are some of its features:

Modern team sites: It has an out of the box news publishing engine which allows users to share the news with the team. It is indeed responsive by default.

SharePoint Home: This feature helps in collecting news from different Team Sites and Communication sites and organizes them at a central location.

Modern communication sites: It includes three different templates for communication sites: Blank, Topic, and Showcase. The new web parts like Planner, Microsoft Forms, Group Calendar, File Viewer and Twitter in this feature make it easier to share the important updates and announcements.

Modern Search: The relevant results show up as Microsoft Graphs, making it very easy for the On- premises users.

OneDrive Sync Client: This feature supports personal and team sites, and also includes files on demand. Unlike earlier, this feature is now available for hybrid environments of on-premises users.

Power BI Report Server: This allows to have to the point reports and to share them easily in SharePoint Server 2019.

There are many other features that have been added for an enhanced user experience for both Cloud and on-premises users.

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